Why to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season Shopping Surge

Folks are making a list, checking it twice, and heading out to shopping malls, grocery stores, and mom-and-pop shops to fulfill the range of shopping needs the winter holiday season brings. Not only is the average American purchasing gifts for friends and family, but they’re also stocking up on food and drink for entertaining, buying home appliances and decor to spruce up their home for the holidays (think Christmas trees, lights, and other adornments!), buying new outfits for family photos or soirees, and more. Basically, people leave their homes to go shopping in November and December more than in any other months of the year. 

And if you think everyone just shops online these days, think again. In 2021, brick-and-mortar holiday shopping growth surpassed that of eCommerce “for the first time on record,” according to Business Insider. And more than half of these shoppers got started on holiday purchases before Thanksgiving weekend. 

What does this mean for your brand? Well, if you’ve been thinking of creative ways to integrate your brand into the fabric of a community, the holiday season (when people are feeling more generous and in good spirits overall) would be the prime time to consider a pop-up store activation. One benefit is clearly the number of people you’ll have the chance to speak with; when it comes to lead generation, crowds are always a good thing! Imagine setting up a table during a bustling, joyful holiday shopping day, with candy canes as a way to draw people over (You’d be amazed at the conversations that can occur from a complementary candy cane). 

In addition to taking advantage of the heavy foot traffic, a retail environment provides a safe, climate-controlled space during months when the weather can be cold or fickle. Sure, outdoor fairs and festivals are great in the spring and summer, but when fall and winter begin, the weather may pose a challenge. In a pleasant, well-heated retail store, the only snow will be the artificial kind. 

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