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Who Is The Modern Sponsor?

A sponsor is no longer doing their job in the modern world of event sponsorship if they are not willing and able to activate their brands further than the standard inclusion of a logo on a poster. Event sponsors must now take the responsibility of owning who they are, connecting it to the event, and offering guests a sample or taste of who the sponsor is. Where exuberant VIP programs, exclusive merchandise, and consumer experience is now king, sponsors cannot risk the humiliation of a boring activation. In this sense, sponsors and event producers become partners as the two entities work together to create the biggest impact on every guest attending their event.

As experiential marketing increases, so does the need for experiential sponsorship. This includes everything from wellness centers to “pay to play” sites at events. According to recent data, trends indicate that sponsorship that is value-oriented is the best form of exposure to the public. For example, combining marketing with free tickets to an event rather than handing out arbitrary branded objects like pens or notepads allows the patron to associate that brand with their experience. This entices the sponsor to have a creative hand in the event, therefore, because they will need that association to be positive or at least reflect the values of the sponsor.

It is more difficult now, however, to measure success as a sponsor. What was then used as a standard measure of success (i.e. how many branded items did we hand out and how many mentions did we receive on Instagram?) is no longer as easily measurable. Now there is “rich data”, not just demographic information about an attendee but their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and perspectives. These participation numbers and data come from ticketing platforms and event owners have utilized programs like Google Analytics to track exposure in the experiential marketing game. It is more difficult to track because these are not clear numbers or easily defined sets of points, but there is more of an effort to engage with the attendees and make them feel valued.

So what does the modern sponsor look like? The modern sponsor actively works together with their event producer so bring a fun/experiential/value based activation to and for the event they are sponsoring. In turn, the attendees will remember the brand, feel the brand, and become an exclusive member to what the brand has to offer. Exclusivity generates more brand loyalty capital than anything else. You aren’t just making an impact on your attendee for the day – you’re making an impact for life.


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