Pop-Up Brand Activations Are a GIFT to Hardware Stores & Grocery Partners

Have you ever been shopping and bought only what’s on your shopping list? I can say for sure that I haven’t. This is because wherever it is you’re shopping, whether that’s a supermarket or a hardware store, you discover things that you forgot you needed once you arrive. Therefore brick-and-mortar brand activations have the potential to be immensely successful; they introduce the consumer to things they didn’t even know they wanted, and sometimes things they didn’t even know existed.

But what if you’re the owner or manager of the store? What is the benefit of hosting a brand to showcase products and services? While the benefits to the brand are obvious, the value to the store may not be quite so clear. This is why we’ve designed our GIFT Program to be customer focused. When the customer wins, we all win.

Here’s how it works. Our nationally known clients like AT&T, Leaf Home, NRG, and other well-known brands set up in a small area at the location to hand out free gift cards to your customers that we buy from you in advance. Plus, we pay you a handsome bonus each day. Our partner representatives are well-trained and experienced ambassadors for their brands. We are guests in your store like we would be guests in your home. Friendly interaction is encouraged, and strong solicitation is strictly forbidden.

This program is a win for your store and your customers.

Not only do the activations add a little excitement to the shopping experience (building loyalty in customers), but the gift card spending also adds revenue to the store in the form of extra purchases. For standard activations, gift cards are given to the brand reps to hand out to your customers for FREE. We see that when someone has a gift card, they’re more likely to spend money at the store and it’s typically over the original value of the gift card. And if they end up not using the gift card yet they’re more likely to return to the store in order to spend it.

Prior to the pop-up, the host store even gets free advertising in the form of social media event announcements from the brand partners. This has the potential to greatly increase awareness of the independent shops that will benefit from the reach of these national brands.

Participating is as easy as opening a door and you can close it at any time.

Call or email us today and discover how we can be your best new customer. or 267-939-0503

By Erica Moody

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