GIFT Program

So, it’s 2023 and you’ve seen a few “pivots”. In life and business, the only constant is change. In the summer of 2020, faced with the prospect of events not coming back anytime soon, we created the GIFT Program to bridge the gap between our most loyal partners and the people they want to do business with. Over 25,000 events and millions of dollars in partner payouts later, we have found a simple and flexible solution to keep your field marketing and sales teams active.

So, what exactly is the GIFT Program? It’s a modern take on the pop-up sales activation where the customer always wins. When the customer wins, we all win. Our Fortune 500 level company representatives will have an eye-catching display at retail locations to engage customers and reward them with gift cards from the host location’s business. Everyone wins.

We have developed this solution for respected brands that has been embraced by local restaurants, gyms, hardware stores and other high traffic retail locations. Your team can continue to engage and conduct lead generation with consumers while also creating goodwill for your brand. Retailers are using this program to add additional revenue to the bottom line while maximizing available floor space.

If you would like some additional information on how we can help you.  Please fill out the contact from or email us directly.  We would love to hear from you.  Stay Safe!