About Us

Who We Are

Old City Media, Inc. is national sponsorship marketing agency helping brands connect with target demographics through experiential marketing at a fraction of the cost. This process is achieved through our robust network of clients and proven formula of brand integration. We also help companies leverage their assets to a brand looking for that all-important niche audience. With over 20-years experience in this field, our team has the ability to bridge the gap while saving you time and money.

Brief History

We started this journey in the entertainment field and transitioned into the event and retail space servicing all of North America. That experience gave us the insight on what it takes to integrate a brand into the fabric of the community.

Company Structure

We have a risk-free discovery conversation to understand your needs and objectives. At that point, we want to confirm that our goals align. Once we identify your needs, objectives, and positioning, we connect you with the best platforms and partners to achieve our collective goals. Everything we do is performance based. You are not locked into any long-term contracts. How is that for accountability?