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How Investing in a New Website Can Grow Your Business in 2019

Before you can calculate the return on the investment for a new website you must understand the ways in which a website impacts your company’s performance.  According to our Philadelphia web design agency, the four main ways that your business website can impact revenue for your business are conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, lead capture, and site loading speed.


Web Design for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rates are the percentage of visitors that land on your websites versus the number of people who buy your product or service and convert into paying customers.  A well CRO optimized page builds trust and authority with your visitors and provides a clear call to action for the product or service you want the visitors to purchases.  A website designed specifically to increase CRO can cause an instant increase in revenue to your business without changing the traffic.  This change is powerful because it has a lasting effect on the performance of your business as future traffic that comes to your site will also convert at this higher rate for years to come.

Web Design for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and design to be easily understood by search engines and ranked highly for search terms that bring qualified traffic to your business.  A website that is cleanly designed and includes specific phrases related to your target customers can increase your rankings and contribute to a solid content and SEO foundation that can lead to organic traffic growth for years to come.  Old websites on outdated platforms that are non responsive and not optimized for mobile devices can hurt your search engine rankings and negative effect your SEO efforts.  Today, platforms like WordPress are created to be both optimized for search and easy to edit with a variety of plugins.

Designing Your Site to Capturing Leads

Similar to the CRO topic, a website designed to capture your customer’s information along with advertising your product or service can greatly increase the value of your business.  A common way this is done is by creating a “lead magnet” offer in exchange for the customer’s information. For example your can offer 10% a customer’s first order if they sign up for the newsletter if you are an ecommerce company or provide a free event planning checklist and guide for download if you are a chair and event rental company.  By investing in a website design that naturally includes these lead capture forms, you can capture more of your customers’ information which can be invaluable for increasing email marketing and retargeting efforts.

Website Loading Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

As we mentioned in the SEO section, a mobile responsive website that loads quickly is important to Google in improving your websites’ search engine presence.  A cleanly, fast loading website can also reduce the “bounce rate” of your website.  This is the rate of customers who leave your website shortly after landing without interacting.  With the rise of mobile browsing and increase in internet speeds over the past few years customers have no tolerance for slow loading and unresponsive sites.  If your website is currently slow, outdated, and non mobile friendly you are losing out on potential customers and giving existing customers a poor brand impression.


To conclude, by investing in a new website redesign you can gather more information about existing customers, increase the organic traffic to your site, and increase the conversion rates of your existing visitors.

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